Webinar: Validating Packaging for Medical and Healthcare Products and Devices

Smithers Pira Distribution Testing experts James Raw and Justin Scott will provide an overview of the validation process and how lab-based testing can be used to qualify packaging.

Webinar first run 14 September 2011. 

"Transit Packaging Qualification for Healthcare Products and Devices"

Presented by Justin Scott and James Raw

This webinar looks at the requirements for packaged products within the medical device and pharmaceutical sector; demonstrating that a product is 'fit for purpose of supply' (or packaging validation and qualification) is a vital element in adopting a diligent approach to new product and pack development. 

Smithers Pira experts James Raw and Justin Scott will help you understand how you can meet regulatory requirements for FDA, MHRA or EMEA approval and compliance with ISO 11607, and how you can ensure that transportation and storage won't have an adverse effect on your product. 

The webinar covers:

  • The approval drivers behind the use of laboratory based distribution testing
  • What is required before testing can be undertaken (protocol development)
  • How package testing is used as part of the approval process
  • The common test standards and types of products tested
  • Hazards of transit and how those hazards are reproduced in a test environment