Webinar: Plastics Implementation Measure to shake up EU Food Contact Legislation

Smithers Pira looks at the Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM) and reviews what it will change and what it means for the future of Food Contact compliance.

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Webinar first ran: Tuesday 26 October 2010. 


In 2010, The Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM) was expected to be the biggest change to EU Food Contact legislation since 1990. The European Commission updated and consolidated regulations related to plastics in contact with foodstuffs. 

In this webinar, Nick Kernoghan looks at PIM and its impact. There had been a lot of debate during the journey from the initial drafts, but the Commission listened to comments from industry and made some sensible changes.

At the time, Kernoghan commented:: "It should also be kept in mind that there are still some potential political problems with acceptance of the PIM. It was only adopted at the Standing Committee with a qualified majority, and, may yet be modified, or even not adopted, by the European Parliament. However, I think most of the stake-holders in the PIM now hope it will pass the final hurdles and come into force in May 2011."

The discussion focuses on:

  • What the PIM is
  • What PIM changes
  • What PIM will mean to organisastions regarding future compliance

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