Digital Print Technologies In Packaging Applications

eBook looking at the Package Printing Industry and how digital printing is both used in traditional applications as well as facilitating new trends.

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Date of publication: 08 Aug 2011
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The package printing industry, which comprises about a third of the global printing market, serves an important role in the supply chain of various industries. Conventional printing methods are no longer the only option, with Digital printing as the newer, sometimes cheaper method. In particular the lack of prepress and make-ready costs for digital mean this is a more cost-effective option for short runs; here digital printing has allowed greater customization of packaging than ever before. With technology developing around the industry to not only accommodate digital printing, but also the finishing of the packaging, it may seem that conventional printing has already met its match. However, it's important to remember that digital printing for packaging is not necessarily about addressing the same markets as conventional printing but rather opening new markets and accommodating the changing needs of the packaging industry and consumers; in many cases, it introduces a whole new business model for printer and client.


Executive Summary

  • Introduction
  • Package Trends
  • Technology Developments
  • Digital Printing by Category
  • End-Use Applications
  • Geographic Regions
  • Equipment and Consumable Opportunities
  • Education and Promotion

Introduction and Methodology

  • Objective
  • Scope
  • Methodology
  • Definitions

The Package Printing Industry

  • Introduction
  • Trends and Market Drivers
  • Remaining Challenges

Technology Developments

  • Introduction
  • Digital Printing Processes
  • Equipment Developments
  • Inks
  • Substrates

Digital Print Trends by Package Type

  • Introduction
  • Labels
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Metal Cans
  • Paper and Board
  • Folding Cartons
  • Introduction
  • Digital Printing for Folding Cartons
  • Companies Using Digital Printing for Folding Carton
  • Mediaware Digital Ltd.
  • Paper Sacks and Bags
  • Rigid Plastics

End-use Application Trends

  • Introduction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Personal Care
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Goods
  • Geographic Regions

Opportunities for Consumable and Equipment Suppliers

  • Introduction
  • Equipment Opportunities
  • Inkjet versus Toner
  • Promoting the Benefits of Digital Printing
  • Summary

Tables and Figures

  • Comparison of digital versus conventional printing processes
  • Comparison of global regulations for food packaging
  • Comparison of digital versus conventional printing processes
  • Color electrophotographic POD systems for label and packaging applications
  • Digital inkjet systems for packaging
  • Global market share for digital printing by category, 2011 (%)
  • Global market share for digital printing by end use, 2011 (%)
  • Irongate Digital's personalized chocolate boxes for Thorntons
  • Toner in xerographic printing
  • Diagram of inkjet technology
  • HP Indigo WS6000
  • Xeikon 3500 press
  • Xerox iGen 4 press
  • The :Dotrix system 63 cm print width
  • Agfa:Dotrix modular system at Le Mac Australia Group
  • Jetrion 4830 UVLED inkjet press
  • Nilpeter Caslon press
  • Diagram of Tonejet process
  • Gift tags printed at Wrapco in Australia
  • Inkjet inks offer excellent resistance properties
  • Avery Dennison facestock for wine labels
  • Candle paper from Wasau Coated Products
  • Dura-GoR range
  • Global market share for digital printing by category, 2011 (%)
  • Bullwater Health & Fitness's pomology anti-aging label and Hay River's organic pumpkin seed oil
  • Xeikon 3300 running labels at ERO -ETIKETT
  • Label samples from Repacorp
  • Global flexible packaging market by end use, 2011 (%)
  • Image of American Pride salmon pouch and Delicious Drops pouch
  • Sample images of metal cans digitally printed
  • Digitally printed POP display
  • Microsoft carton digitally printed
  • Global market share for digital printing by end use, 2011 (%)
  • Personal-care Label
  • Diagram of Graphic West's digital packaging workflow
  • Digitally printed wrap beverage label
  • Example of industrial product label printed digitally
  • Heineken "design your own bottle" promotion
  • L'Oreal Toy Story digitally printed shampoo
  • Ball Packaging promotional can
  • Natalii in-mold label
  • Share of digital print in China by application, 2010 (%)
  • Xaar printhead
  • Irongate Digital's personalized chocolate boxes for Thorntons