Packaging Failure Analysis and Resolution

Expert diagnostic and technical support to quickly resolve packaging failures.

When packaging or any component part fails or does not meet standard, or you have critical issues in manufacturing or supply chain  processes -  the cost in terms of time, money and consumer confidence, can be devastating.  Smithers Pira will work quickly and effectively to identify the root cause of failure and provide you with actionable solutions to avoid reoccurrences.

Our independent packaging experts help clients investigate and address critical packaging and material failures. We work to International standards from state-of-the-art laboratories in Europe and North America with facilities at London, UK and Lansing, Michigan.

Problems we regularly help clients address include:  
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Unrivalled packaging expertise: We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of material properties and conversion processes together with supply chain and shipment challenges. Combining this with our extensive laboratory and simulation facilities allows us to handle even the most demanding and complex of client technical issues. 

Your trusted partner: Working with Smithers Pira, you have the reassurance of a trusted partner. A worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, Smithers Pira shares over 80 years’ technical and scientific know-how backed by in-depth industry expertise with clients around the globe.

In addition to helping you swiftly resolve critical packaging failure, we can help you with ongoing improvement programmes.

  • Our UK environmental temperature and humidity controlled laboratories house a comprehensive range of UKAS, ISO 17025 accredited paper and plastic testing facilities to satisfy the most demanding requirements of a diverse customer base.
  • All Smithers Pira's package distribution testing laboratories are ISTA certified and the UK laboratory holds accreditation to ISO 17025. Many of the team members in the US and UK are ISTA certified members of the packaging testing community.
Support from our expert team also includes:

Smithers Pira can support you at every stage from initial R&D programmes to demonstrating compliance with necessary standards or legislation through to the performance of your packaged product in distribution and use.

Rely on our expert testing capabilities to help you reduce risks, shorten time to market and demonstrate the quality and safety of your raw materials, packaging and products.