Smithers Pira expanding UKAS accredited testing at Shawbury Medical Device Testing Laboratory

Last week Smithers Pira’s Medical Device Testing Laboratory in Shawbury were successfully assessed by UKAS auditors for an extension to our scope of accreditation.

The assessments were all successful and covered a range of commonly performed tests.  Consequently, once the paperwork is completed we expect to have the following tests methods included to our accredited scope allowing us to apply the ILAC stamp to reports which cover testing performed to these standards:

Medical Device Testing


Container closure seal integrity

BS EN ISO 8871-5:2016 (Annex D)

Prefilled syringes

Breakloose and glide force

BS ISO 11040-4:2015 (Annex E)

BS ISO 11040-8:2016



Dye solution tightness test

BS ISO 11040-4:2015 (Annex H)


Needle-based injection systems

Dose accuracy

BS EN ISO 11608-1:2015



Plunger operation force

BS EN ISO 7886-1:1997 (Annex G)


These tests are core components of Smithers Pira’s testing programme in its Shawbury facility, where it offers a broad range of medical device testing services.

Chris Berry, Manager of Medical Device Testing at Smithers Pira, says “Updating our accredited scope demonstrates our commitment to quality assurance and our willingness to comply with client requests”.

For more information about the medical device testing services provided by Smithers Pira – and its sister company Smithers Rapra – please contact us.

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