FDA gives two-year extension for FSMA rules

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended the date by which food contact material manufacturers must comply with new rules stemming from the Food Safety Moderization Act (FSMA) by two years.

The regulator made the announcement via a publication in the Federal Register on 26 August. It affects four separate components of the new food safety regime incepted by the FSMA, but the most significant for packaging manufacturers is that concerning the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), as outlined in a recent edition of Food Contact World.

This defines packaging materials as food contact substances and will require importers to submit reports demonstrating that their production facilities meet suitable standards. 

The FDA met with representatives of the packaging manufacturing industry in June. After this meeting the FDA concluded that ‘compliance with the requirement to conduct verification activities under the FSVP regulation for food contact substances by [the original date of] 30 May 2017, might not be feasible.’

Demonstrating Compliance

Smithers Pira has extensive experience with FDA regulations and can assist you in showing product compliance with formulation audits and carrying out any end tests that are required.

In addition we can help you find the most cost effective route through various Food Contact Notification (FCN) studies and provide guidance with the notification itself. 

To find out more about Food Contact Notifications please read ‘FCN System is Quickest Route to Regulatory Approval of New Food Contact Substances in the U.S.’ 

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