Smithers Pira Associate Consultant David Shires to present at ISTA European Symposium

David Shires, Associate Consultant with Smithers Pira will be presenting at the ISTA European Symposium (10 to 12 March) in Valencia.

This year’s ISTA Europe event is the 5th in the series and will focus on exploring the future of responsible transport packaging. David’s presentation, “Responsible Packaging – Supply Chain Reality” will look at the key and on-going focus on reducing packaging’s environmental impact. The presentation considers that many packaging engineers are tasked with redesigning primary and transport packs based on an agenda of improved sustainability, and often required to utilise alternative materials which are perceived as ‘greener’. The presentation will examine some of the supply chain pressures that can cause poor design decisions – many of which often result in ineffective packaging or have a counter-productive effect on the environment.

About David Shires

David has over 30 years’ experience in packaging consultancy, research and testing, much of which has been with Smithers Pira. He previously worked for the Philips Electronics Group and Hanatek Ltd. David is also Editor-in-Chief of Packaging Technology and Science. In 2009, he received the ISTA R. David R LeButt award.

About ISTA Europe

The ISTA Europe event will provide insight to delegates on the critical link between packaging and effective product distribution, focusing on cost savings and delivery against sustainability initiatives; core components of ISTA’s mission. Presentations will give a practical overview on packaging optimisation, and cover the latest techniques in package testing.

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