Smithers Pira to Host Food Contact Seminars for Turkish Businesses

Smithers Pira will be sharing its food contact expertise with Turkish organisations during two special seminars this month. The seminars covering Food Contact Regulations and EU Legislation will be held at the British Consulate – Pera House in Istanbul on Wednesday 22 April.

Hosted by James Cooke of Smithers Pira, the seminars will provide an introduction to the food contact regulations that exist today for papers and plastics and will be particularly useful companies who provide or are looking to provide:

  • Raw materials that are likely to come into contact with food
  • Food contact materials and articles
  • Machinery that comes into contact with food
  • Food products to the EU and the rest of the world

The number of countries that are implementing regulations for food contact materials is growing. Both seminars will be followed by a Selective Overview of Global Food Contact Regulations. This will provide a brief overview of the regulations that exist today in countries / regions including the USA, the EU, the GCC, South America, India and China.

For many organisations, the vast array of legislation on the safety of food contact materials can seem complex and confusing.  Smithers Pira helps businesses make sense of the regulations and understand their obligations. With over 30 years' experience helping clients comply with regulations around the globe, Smithers Pira provides advice and training to help companies understand what they need to do, and testing and technical consultancy to help produce the information that is needed.

Seminar one: An Introduction to EU Legislation on Food Contact Plastics

10:00-12:00 Wednesday 22 April

This seminar aims to give participants a better understanding of EU Legislation on Food Contact Plastics and the way in which the EU regulate plastics in contact with food through EU Regulation 10/2011 (The PIM).

Focus of the seminar:

  • The positive list for monomers and additives
  • The testing regime for food contact plastics
  • Overall & Specific migration testing
  • Food simulants and test conditions

Seminar two: An Introduction to EU Legislation on Food Contact Papers

13:00-15:00 Wednesday 22 April

There may be no specific EU Legislation for paper in contact with foodstuffs, but paper is covered by the general safety requirements of the Framework Regulation 1935 (2004). This requires that Food Contact papers should not "under their normal or foreseeable conditions of use, transfer constituents to foodstuffs in quantities which could endanger human health".

Focus of the seminar:

  • Food Contact Papers - legislative background in Europe
  • Framework Regulation 1935 (2004)
  • Approaches to achieving compliance
  • The testing regime for food contact papers
  • Recycled fibres: how to approach contaminants (including Mineral Oils)
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