Transit Packaging Market to Grow to $271 Billion by 2019

The market for transit packaging is forecast to grow from $202.7 billion in 2012 to $271 billion in 2019 at a growth rate of 4% per annum, according to a new market study by Smithers Pira.

The new study from Smithers Pira - The Future of Protective and Transit Packaging to 2019 - reviews and estimates current demand in the transit packaging market and provides forecasts for the six-year period ending 2019. The prospects for transit packaging are analysed by product type, end-use sector and by geography.

Many products travel great distances through demanding climatic and physical conditions to reach retail points across the world. This has increased the length and complexity of the supply chain for the packaging industry, and has in turn increased the significance of the transit packaging sector. Some of the drivers that have helped in the growth of the transit packaging industry include: the desire to ensure product safety; reduction in costs; increase in the level of automation; design innovations; changing consumer preferences; and developments in packaging system designs.

The corrugated box continues to be the most preferred packaging medium for transit packaging. The market for corrugated box packaging in the transit packaging sector was valued at $133 billion in 2012 and is forecast to reach $176 billion by 2019, growing at an annual rate of 3.6%. The corrugated box accounts for around two thirds of total transit packaging. While corrugated board remains to be the preferred medium for transit packaging, pallets, crates and protective packaging are seeing an increase over the next five years to 2019.

Asia currently accounts for the largest share of global corrugate board demand by both value and volume, making up over 46% of the total in terms of volume. Asia will continue to see the strongest growth over the forecast period, with the developed regions of Western Europe and North America continuing to lose share.

Figure 1 Global corrugated board demand by region, 2009–19 ('000 tonnes)

Transit Packaging Data

Source: Smithers Pira

At $93 million food and drink end uses together account for 47% of the global demand for transit and protective packaging. Within food applications the main trend is the continued above average growth in processed foods, largely reflecting economic growth of increasingly urbanised populations in transitional economies, with slower growth anticipated in fresh foods and produce and beverages. In non-foods the key developments are expected to be above average growth in such areas as direct mail and despatch, electrical goods, personal and household care and transport.

Based on extensive primary research, The Future of Protective and Transit Packaging to 2019 presents global forecasts, analyses, trends, and provides valuable end-use market data in a thoroughly researched accessible format to provide paper and board and plastic manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, converters and raw material suppliers with a definitive guide for business planning.

The Future of Protective and Transit Packaging to 2019 is available now for £3,950. For more information, please contact Bill Allen at +44 (0)1372 802086, or via e-mail at