Global Brand Protection Market to reach $3.8 billion by 2018

The global market for brand protection technologies is forecast to reach $3.8 billion in 2018, an annual growth rate of 10.2%.

The Future of Anti-counterfeiting, Brand Protection and Security Packaging VII comprehensively reports on the brand protection industry's present growth and market trends over the next five years. Based on expert research and analysis, a number of in-depth tables and figures reveal essential industry information on technologies designed to thward, deter, detect or mitigate threats to brand equity through counterfeiting, privacy, diversion, tampering and theft of IP protected products.

The driving forces of growth are a recovered economy, greater awareness of the counterfeiting problem, legislation, regulation and standardisation, and technical advancements. The highest growth will take place in track-and-trace technologies for supply chain security, with a forecasted annual growth rate of 20.3%.

According to Smithers Pira, the substantial room for global growth is due to brand owners taking more steps to protect their brands by investing in security technologies.

Figure E.1 Global brand protection market by function, 2008-2018 ($ million)

Global brand protection market

Source: Smithers Pira

Technologies deployed span the whole range: from anti-theft to anti-tamper, track-and-trace to overt, covert, and forensic product authentication. The food and beverage segment is primarily concerned with anti-tampering, and the industrial segment with track-and trace. Consumer packaged goods, and in particular the luxury ones, focus on overt product authentication and anti-theft. In the pharmaceutical segment, brand owners are extremely concerned about the potential health and safety issues involved in counterfeit products, and need to be in compliance with regulations to ensure the safety of the product.

Anti-counterfeit packaging, brand protection and security packaging are global supply chain issues, and the largest growth is seen in Asia, South and Central America, and Africa, followed by the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Asia is forecasted at an annual growth rate of 12.5% and Eastern Europe at 10.1%. Through a series of laws, regulations, standards, and guidances targeting the pharmaceutical, critical component (electronics and semiconductor), food and beverage end-use markets, it has set off a global wave of process change to control the security and integrity of the supply chain. In the coming decade regional and global legislation, regulation, and standardisation will take effect, international cooperation will expand, and track-and trace will evolve.

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