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The Future of Offset vs Digital Printing to 2018

Type Market Reports
Publication date: 29 Apr 2013
Industry: Printing


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Download the Report BrochureBy 2018 digital printing will equal 50% of the global offset sector, higher in the more mature print regions. The volume of all offset prints will have fallen by 10.2% across the world between 2008 and 2018, while digital print volume is forecast to grow by 68.3%. The Future of Offset vs Digital Printing to 2018 guides you through digital and offset printing trends, market innovations, cutting-edge technologies and industry drivers, giving you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the industry and ahead of the competition. This report compares the prospects for digital (inkjet and electrophotography) and offset (sheetfed, heatset and coldset) printing to 2018.


  • The future of global offset and digital printing markets to 2018, by end use and geographic region
  • Cutting-edge technology forecasts and opportunities for your business
  • Exclusive tables and figures showing drivers and offset / digital printing trends shaping the future of the industry


The market data presented in The Future of Offset vs Digital Printing to 2018 has been developed from an extensive database with primary research sources and discussions with leading players across the supply chain. Additional sources of research included economic forecasts, demographic and population changes, literacy rates, educational policies, legislation, environmental pressures and technology developments in print and the wider IT and communication sector. There are government statistics, UN data on imports and exports, with industry groups in Europe providing collated statistics. There are paper and ink production and sales data, and valuable real world sales data from many of the leading public companies and supplier organisations in the sector. Smithers Pira uses feedback from high-level contacts based across the world, following the Delphi technique, to provide sense checks and further refine the accuracy of data.


  • Detailed analysis of the digital and offset printing industry to 2018, containing in-depth analysis of offset and digital printing industry trends
  • Quantitative market sizes and forecasts for the offset and digital printing industry
  • In-depth analysis of the key drivers and offset / digital printing trends shaping the market
  • A comprehensive overview of the global market broken down by printing process, end-use sector and geographic region and country


  • Use our in-depth market projections to 2018 to plan your business's five year strategy
  • Understand how market developments could be opportunities for your company
  • Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change


  • Printers
  • Raw materials suppliers
  • Equipment/machinery suppliers
  • Industry consultants and analysts


  • One hard copy of the report sent to you on publication date
  • Electronic copy with searchable PDF
  • Global intranet licence allowing everyone in your organisation electronic access to the study



Date of publication: 29 Apr 2013
Product format: Digital Copy, Hard Copy, Online
Number of pages: 150
Number of tables: 100
Number of figures: 10
Forecast range: 2013-2018

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