Market Reports

At Smithers Pira we are experts in market sizing, market forecasting and assessing the impact of technology and trends in your industry. Our reports offer instant access to this expertise and industry leading market data.

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Each report gives you:

  • Forward forecasting of key enabling technologies
  • Company intelligence & analysis of customers or providers to each market
  • Qualitative and quantitative market forecasts by region, technology and end-use market
  • Market analysis by region, technology and end-use sector
  • Intranet licence and searchable digital version

Reports are aimed at:

  • Brand owners or retailers
  • Consultants or analysts
  • Suppliers of equipment and machinery
  • End users
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Technology providers
  • Specialist players in each industry

Using our reports you can:

  • Identify new business opportunities using quantitative market forecasts
  • Utilise a detailed breakdown of market sizes to plan future strategy with confidence
  • Understand the real effects of key market drivers upon your business