Sustainability In Packaging USA 2018

12th - 14th March 2018

Chicago, IL

"This conference is an excellent place to learn about the latest strategies and practices, future trends and policies, and collaborate and make connections with others who can help you with any aspect of sustainability!" -  J M Smucker Co.

Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 will be centered around Making Sustainable Packaging a Commercial Reality. Working with a close network of packaging industry leaders, Smithers Pira is putting together a program that focuses arond: 

  • Sustainability through the Supply Chain: How is the packaging industry as a whole, working together to be more sustainable. What can we learn from other areas of the supply chain on how to be more sustainable?
  • Designing Sustainability: How does package design work to promote sustainability and affect the consumers’ desire to recycle the package. How can we work to design a more sustainable package?
  • Material Innovations Pushing Sustainability Forward: From alternative materials to alternative design, what are some of the new and innovative ways people are creating sustainable packaging. 
  • Plus, much more! 

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