Market and Industry Insights

Helping you define your market through forecasting and trend analysis, we also offer a wide range of solutions to assist in your decision making.

Our Market Insight services include:

•Market assessment, forecasting and trend analysis
•Market surveys and analyses
•Market entry studies
•Evaluating niche market opportunities
•Commercial feasibility of new product concept
•New markets/segment/clients identification
•Customer behaviour/unmet needs identification
•Country attractiveness analysis
•M&A studies
•Target companies identification
•Competitive landscape
•Image and reputation/customer satisfaction studies
•Value chain mapping

What our clients say about us

We at Landa believe that an essential part of the success of the  Nanography™ revolution is a thorough understanding of the  printing and packaging industry and the business and technical  issues affecting print service providers. Pira has been a great  resource for insight into these areas and their information was  very comprehensive, up to date, and provided the right level of  detail. In addition, Pira’s highly professional team of analysts were  available for consultation and performed focused research per our  specific needs. The material and insight provided by Pira forms an  important part of Landa’s decision making process.”

Gilad Tzori, Vice President, Product Strategy, Landa

Examples of some of our client projects

“A major raw material company asked us to examine the industrial inkjet space with a view to identifying market opportunities and potential acquisition companies. We conducted the research, including extensive telephone and face-to-face interviews, and made recommendations in a custom study. The study contained quantitative market sizes and forecasts, and a target list of companies based on the agreed criteria. Our client is in the process of making an acquisition.”

We provided a market advisory service to a major private equity firm with a controlling stake in a leading raw material, inks and coatings supplier. The service included a full, global evaluation of the market, with segmentation by process, end-use and geography, and five-year forecasts. The final report was used to help evaluate the supplier in preparation for its sale.”

“One of the biggest suppliers of paper-based packaging commissioned us to undertake a study on the European market for food service packaging market. The study required extensive detail on the cup stock market, which was achieved through primary research with suppliers, converters and end-users. The final report contained actionable recommendations for growth in this sector.”