Due Diligence

Growth through acquisition can be a complex and risky process. Our broad range of analysis tools can help you to simplify this and make the right business decisions along the way.

We can deliver:

•Commercial due diligence
•Technical due diligence
•Process support
•Regulatory support
•Technology evaluation, IP and market position
•Investment research and consulting
•Investment pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments

Examples of some of our client projects

“A leading private equity firm commissioned us to evaluate the commercial and technology potential of a European inkjet ink supplier. This involved site visits, primary research and a complete strategic assessment. Following the completion of our report, the sale was concluded of the inkjet ink supplier.”

“A global investment company needed technical due diligence and market advisory work on an investment in the security printing industry. They chose us as we were able to offer the right mix of technical and market knowledge in such a secretive and difficult-to-research industry. The investment company made the acquisition following the delivery of our study.