Strategic Consultancy

Whether you are looking to grow your business, launch new products or find out about new and emerging markets, Smithers Pira's Strategic Consultancy can provide you with practical, cost effective research solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Our core capabilites

Why choose Smithers Pira business consultancy?


  • As a major provider of testing and technical research services, we have a deep and robust understanding of the industries we serve and access to highly credible technical and scientific personnel when building our project teams.


  • We provide wide ranging expertise in strategy development, identifying high value alternatives, providing external perspectives, and ensuring stakeholder alignment and a transparent strategic process, though insightful data analysis, undertsanding of the value chain and industry benchmarking of key metrics.
  • This includes the provision of due diligence expertise with broad range of analysis tools to assist with such, including  M& A studies and technology and company evaluations

Market Data and Research

  • Our analysts posess extensive market sizing experience, which we have leveraged for over 30 years to support the production of 60 market reports annually, hundreds of consultancy assignments and our own proprietary databases.
  • We have also built up significant experience in executing global primary research programs. So, if you would like to understand the future direction of a core or niche market or gain a deeper understanding of the unmet needs of your customers, we can work with you to build a suitable approach.


  • Whether through the production and running of our industry leading conferences, or the tens of thousand of interactions annually, form our research team, account managers, consulatnats and merketers.
  • We remain deeply entrenched and connected to the industries we serve.