Permeability Proficiency - Pack Testing

The Permeability Proficiency Service (PermPS) can now provide pack samples for checking water vapour and oxygen permeability.

In response to a number of requests, it is proposed to extend the Smithers Pira Permeability Proficiency Service to include the testing of pack samples.

The pack testing service will be bi-annual and run in parallel to the current film testing service. The samples will be sent to each subscriber in April and October, accompanied by a statistical analysis report of the previous round results.

For each round and test condition, two different containers will be provided, representing two levels of permeability. Subscribers can choose to take samples for Water Vapour and/or Oxygen Permeability.

Two conditions are proposed: 23°C, 50% rh. and 38°C, 90% rh. - again you can choose one condition or the other, or both.  The samples will be identified by a unique reference, for which indicative values will be given.

To register your interest in the service please complete and return the Permeability Proficiency Service - Pack Testing application form (below).