The Future of PET Packaging to 2025

Global PET packaging consumption grew during 2015–19 at an annual average rate of 4.0% to 21.8 million tonnes. For 2020, global PET packaging consumption is projected
at 22.6 million tonnes and is forecast to grow during 2020–25 at an annual average rate of 3.7% to 27.1 million tonnes.

Table of Contents Key Facts and Figures
Our exclusive content:
• In-depth market forecasts segmented by technology, enduse markets, Geography and PET packaging producers
• Comprehensive analysis of key market drivers and trends in the PET packaging market to 2025
• Scenario-based forecasting of the impact COVID-19 will have upon the PET market, including base growth, medium growth, and high growth.

What will you discover?
• A complete overview of the PET packaging market 2020-2025
• Forecasts on market growth areas over the next five years with insight into how COVID-19 will affect this
• How the PET packaging markets are dealing with the increasing demand for sustainable packaging.

Who should buy the report?
• PET resin suppliers
• Preform and bottle producers
• Additive suppliers
• Equipment manufacturers
• Consultants and analysts

The Smithers methodology
This report is based on extensive primary and secondary research. Primary research consisted of interviews with targeted interviews with packaging material suppliers, converters and experts drawn from key markets.

This was supported by secondary research in the form of extensive literature analysis of published data, official government statistics, domestic and international packaging trade organization data, company websites, industry reports, trade press articles, presentations, and attendance at trade events.

About the author:
DAVID PLATT is a freelance business consultant and writer with experience in the  plastics and packaging industry. He has participated in various consultancy projects for Smithers and has authored over 50 market reports since 2005, these include Global Packaging and Rigid Plastic Packaging. David has also authored two books; 'Biodegradable Plastics’ and ‘High-performance and Engineering Plastics’, and writes a regular feature for Plastics News Europe. He is MBA-qualified and has a degree in Economics.
The Future of PET Packaging to 2025

Name The Future of PET Packaging to 2025

Date 5/1/2020

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