5 Key Stages for a Successful Transition in the Paper Sector

This is the third in a series of white papers on opportunities in the specialty paper sector and outlines a road map of the five key stages necessary for a paper business to move into new markets and products.

Digital technology and the aftermath of the global economic downturn are still being felt by many in the paper manufacturing supply chain. For those in the printing and writing sector in particular the continuing fall out from these factors has led to capacity reductions and closures of machines or entire mills. Such dynamics are leading many printing and writing based paper companies to re-evaluate current markets and product offerings. For many such companies, the packaging and specialty paper sectors are viewed as potential opportunities for diversification.

This white paper examines how paper companies can embrace this change by refocussing or consolidating and the key stages which will help organisations to move through this transition.

The five keys stages for a successful transition in the paper sector are:

  • Identifying the most promising opportunities
  • Optimising technical capability
  • Focussing on the customer
  • Recruiting the right people
  • Changing the culture