Webinar: EU Food Contact Legislation Basics - an Expert Introduction

Smithers Pira Food Contact Expert Alistair Irvine provides an independent introduction to the basics of EU Food Contact Legislation.

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Webinar first ran: Tuesday 3 December 2013.


In this webinar, Dr Alistair Irvine introduces the way in which the EU regulate plastics in contact with food through EU Regulation 10/2011 (The PIM).

The discussion focuses on:

  • The Framework Regulation EU 1935/2004 and how it defines the basic safety rules for the compliance of Food Contact materials.
  • The Good Manufacturing Practice Regulation EU 2023/2006.
  • The role of harmonised legislation (such as EU Regulation 10/2011) on plastics, in showing compliance with the general safety principles of The Framework Regulation
  • What happens when the EU has not defined any harmonised legislation for Food Contact materials such as in the case of paper and cardboard.
  • Q&A

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