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Product type: Industry Insight

Access our exclusive series of ‘Industry Insights,’ offering in-depth content on a selection of the year’s industry hot topics.

A combination of extensive white papers, dynamic presentations and slide decks provide industry stakeholders with the expertise needed to navigate emerging trends and important technology developments from your industry.

Smithers Pira’s expert Digital Publishing team identifies the hot topics for coverage early in the year and then undertakes in-depth research to provide the latest case studies and invaluable market analysis, to guide your organisation’s approach to these issues.

What you get

  • Two in-depth white papers, containing market analysis, overviews of key technologies, significant case studies, and insight into the likely developments on the horizon
  • A dynamic presentation: a slide deck covering an important technology or market trend in depth; as well as an audio-visual walkthrough of the slides from one of our industry experts
  • The annual ‘State of the Industry’ slide deck, outlining key technology and market trends to emerge in the past year, and guidance on what to expect in the coming year.

Topics in the 2014-15 package

  • Brand owner perspectives on sustainability
  • Digital print in packaging applications
  • Focus on: paperboard luxury packaging
  • Packaging: 2015 State of the Industry (published in December 2014)