Smart Paper

eBook examining the latest progress and findings regarding smart papers.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 30 Nov 2010
Product format: Online

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Smart paper, i.e. paper with electronic components embedded on wood-based paper substrates, is reviewed. Existing technologies are thoroughly evaluated (printing, electronics, mechanical and chemical), as well as the role these play in embedding printed electronics on paper substrates.

Printed electronics have seen explosive growth due to the emergence of e-readers, with more than 20 e-readers currently available in the marketplace. This highly successful medium is expected to transform many industries, such as advertising, promotion, signage, healthcare, toys, games and apparel, and also has the potential to transform the paper industry.

Smart Paper informs readers of the present state of the smart paper industry and the possibilities and opportunities it has for the future.


Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

  • Report scope
  • Report objective
  • Methodology
  • List of definitions

The smart paper landscape

  • Available applications
  • Market-tested technology
  • Latest developments
  • Energy storage: paper battery
  • Smart packaging

Manufacturing smart paper

  • Paper substrate characteristics for printed electronics
  • Conventional printing methods and their
  • suitability for printed electronics
  • Roll-to-roll printing process
  • Functional inks
  • Materials used in printed electronics
  • Technologies for electronic paper

Drivers and barriers

  • Growth factors
  • Challenges

Key applications

  • Wal-Mart and RFID: a case study
  • Potential and plans
  • The test phase
  • RFID tags: advantages and limitations
  • Looking ahead
  • Events in Wal-Mart's RFID evaluation
  • Marks & Spencer item-level tracking trial: a case study
  • Tesco and Alien: a case study

Outlook to 2015

Smart paper supply chain

Tables and Figures

  • The total RFID market prediction vs actual data
  • RFID tags growth, from 2005 to 2009
  • Electrochemical (EC) paper electronics technology
  • PaperDisplay printed on paper substrate
  • In-line production process for electrochromic paper
  • Embedded LEDs and microcontrollers
  • Pulp-based paper with embedded electronic components
  • Silk-screened speaker made out of paper with embedded electronic components
  • The world's first paper transistor
  • UHF RFID transponder printed on corrugated packaging board
  • Grammage for different uncoated paper grades
  • Freeze-dried SEM microphotograph of paper at 5% moisture content
  • Freeze-dried SEM microphotograph of paper at 1% moisture content
  • Uncoated paper
  • Uncoated calendered paper
  • Uncoated base sheet
  • Coated base sheet