Print and Production Manual 11th Edition

11th edition of this bestselling Print and Production Manual, offering a fresh summary of green and sustainability issues. 700+ illustrated pages.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 19 Dec 2008
Product format: Online, Hard Copy
Number of pages: 768

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The big red book is now green! The brand new 11th edition of Smithers Pira's bestselling Print and Production Manual is here - still unrivalled in depth and detail, and offering a completely fresh summary of green and sustainability issues. If you are involved in any way with printed matter, it's a must-have. It's designed to make life easy and turn you into an expert.


Bigger and better than ever

  • Over 700 illustrated pages
  • Interactive forms and tools
  • Covers every stage in the production process from design and typography to printing and fulfilment
  • Ideal training tool for your staff
  • All chapters completely revised and updated
  • Brand new chapter on green and sustainability issues
  • CD-Rom version included

New chapter on Print, Packaging and the Environment including:

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Legislation - climate change levy, air, water and hazardous wastes
  • The green printer
  • Why be green and what is necessary
  • Benefits of being green, market opportunities for public sector andcorporates, impact on stakeholders
  • Formal accreditation
  • Recycling and landfill reduction
  • Move toward carbon neutrality
  • Lean manufacturing and waste reduction
  • Reduction in VOCs
  • Impact of digital vs conventional printing

New sections on:

  • SMS, personalised websites, micro URLs
  • Development of PDF certification
  • Digital photography
  • Colour management systems
  • CTP and gravure cylinder engraving
  • Data security ISO2700
  • Pricing in proportion and opening up of postage in mailing, packing, distribution and freight
  • Update on MIS and JDF automation
  • Web to print

The 11 reasons you need edition 11

  • Always have an expert on hand with over 700 pages on the very latest technologies, standards and practices for print production
  • Improve your print results - ensure you're choosing the right process and paper for the job, that you're taking advantage of new technology, inks and substrates. Understand where and how it can go wrong as well as the best way to control quality so you get the results you want
  • Go green with confidence - let our print experts guide you through the sustainability maze
  • Get a better finish - from embossing, varnishing and laminating to binding and packing. Know your options and the right way to do it
  • Save money - e-auctions and e-procurement are changing the face of print buying. Whether you are buying or selling print, understand how it works and where the cost and time savings are
  • Build a sound knowledge of the printing processes -
  • catch up with the latest technology and get step by step
  • coverage of offset litho, letterpress, flexo, gravure, silkscreen,
  • hybrid and digital print
  • Boost your production efficiency - cut through the jargon and get up to speed with CIM, JDF/CIP4, MIS, PDF workflow, XML and more. Find out how the technology works, how to harness it, the latest developments and future potential
  • Never be stuck again - The Print Production Manual answers all your questions, queries or problems from choosing the right paper or process to understanding typefaces, workflow or confusing jargon
  • Become a digital guru - work through an invaluable buyer's/investor's checklist, understand the technology limitations, the different systems, presses and suppliers as well as specialist papers and how to bind and finish digital jobs
  • Build specialist knowledge - as and where you need it from colour and workflow to the latest digital colourants, inkjet inks and radiation curing
  • Boost your production confidence - if you use print build the understanding you need to manage your suppliers effectively. If you work in production, you won't find a more comprehensive resource

Who needs a copy?

  • Anyone needing to know about any stage in the production process from design and typography to printing and fulfilment:
  • Publishing production professionals
  • Print professionals
  • Package printers
  • Editors
  • Print buyers
  • Designers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Suppliers to printers and publishers
  • Print/publishing students
  • Print/graphic arts college libraries
  • Marketing executives using print