Multiple Security Technologies for Personal ID

eBook addressing drivers for implementation as well as emerging technologies, such as security inks, taggants, optical devices, biometrics and smart cards.

Product detail
Product type: Books
Date of publication: 31 Dec 2010
Product format: Online
Number of pages: 53

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This e-book focuses on the use of an array of security technologies for personal identification. It details the use of these technologies in key applications -- passports, credit cards, visas and licences. It is designed to help those in the personal identification and security businesses meet today's challenges as well as target opportunities in key growth sectors.


Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

  • Scope
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • List of definitions

Personal ID technologies

  • Drivers and trends
    • Standards
    • Government policies
    • Travel security
    • Interoperability
  • Personal ID technologies
    • Passports
    • Identity cards
    • Driving licences
    • Visas
    • Credit cards
    • Health cards
  • Reader and detection technologies

Enabling materials and devices

  • Substrates
  • Security inks and compounds
  • Optical security devices
  • Biometrics
  • RFID
  • Smart cards

Applications for personal ID

  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Government
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare

Future trends

  • Emergence of smart cards
  • Reading and detecting security features used in combination
  • Shifting world population and demand for personal ID
  • Standardisation and interoperability

Tables and Figures

  • Global trends and their impact on the ID document market
  • Security technology comparison
  • Use of key technologies in personal ID applications
  • Common ISO passive RFID standards
  • Substrate technology comparison
  • Security ink technology comparison
  • Biometric technology comparison
  • Global e-passports implementation dates
  • Global e-ID card projects
  • Key biometric applications in hospitals
  • World airline passenger trends
  • RFID-enabled border crossing
  • 20 layers of security
  • Anti-Real ID legislation
  • Status of EDL issuance