Machine Readable Security Documents

eBook providing a snapshot and general overview of what is happening in the field of Machine Readable Security Documents, specifically travel documents.

Product detail
Product type: Books
Date of publication: 30 Nov 2010
Product format: Online
Number of pages: 47

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Based on recent developments and an objective analysis of the industry and global environment, insightful and subjective forecasts are provided, enabling you to plan for the future with confidence. A comprehensive overview of the topic is presented to enable readers to easily grasp necessary information in a practical way.


Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

  • Objective and scope
  • Methodology
  • Glossary of terms

Machine-readable security document industry


  • Document
  • Personalisation
  • Reading devices


  • Need for identification document
  • Globalisation
  • Facilitation vs safe and secure travel
  • Technology advancement
  • Privacy concern


  • Funding
  • Lack of know-how
  • Privacy concern
  • Government policies
  • Standards
  • Travel documents
  • Identity card
  • Visa
  • Fingerprint in eMRTD

Key players

  • Person
  • Government
  • International bodies
  • Industry players
  • Carriers

Technologies, security devices and printing processes

  • Materials
  • Security features
  • Printing processes
  • Ink
  • Personalisation
  • Reading devices
  • Information technologies

Document applications

Public sector

  • Identification of person
  • Quick and efficient border control
  • ABC system
  • Other functions
  • Financial sector
  • Health sector
  • Private sector

Future trends

New technologies

  • Chips
  • Biometrics
  • New materials
  • ABC system
  • A super system for the world
  • Standards and interoperability
  • New applications riding on MRID or eMRID
  • Concept of extending border control
  • Categorisation of passengers
  • Passport card
  • Birth card
  • An all-in-one identification document: iMRID
  • Common Border for All (CBA)
  • No more machine-readable document
  • 20-20 Vision

Tables and Figures

  • Identification document specifications
  • Example of an integrated network
  • Outlook for new interoperability standards
  • Comparison of emerging security technologies
  • Sophisticated features of reading devices
  • Security printing and anticopying features
  • ICAO-mandated security features for MRIDs