Introduction to Printing and Finishing

This revised edition provides a complete guide to this area, including conventional printing, digital printing, inks, substrates and finishing.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 01 Mar 2003
Product format: Hard Copy, Digital Copy
Number of pages: 98

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Our popular Introduction series provides you with everything you need to know about the printing industry.

Each of these books is written in approachable, jargon free language to explain a particular process: what it is, how it works, practical applications, costs, products available, strengths and weaknesses.

Written by industry experts the Introduction series provides a thorough, accessible and up-to-date reference kit.


This new totally revised edition provides a complete guide to all aspects of printing and finishing. It explores both the conventional and modern printing techniques, taking you through litho, flexo, letterpress, gravure and screen, to electronic and the latest in digital printing. It includes a comparison of each process, its applications, strengths, weaknesses and costs.

Thoroughly researched and user-friendly, Introduction to Printing and Finishing is indispensable to anyone involved in the printing industry.

Whether you’re new entrant, a teacher or student, or simply looking for a refresher, this book offers you a comprehensive handbook to all that is printed.


  • Conventional printing processes
  • Electronic/digital processes
  • Printing inks/toners/varnishes/coating
  • Substrates
  • Finishing/binding/warehousing