Introduction to Prepress

An essential guide to pre-press, offering an overview of all aspects of the industry, including typography, proofing, print spec and industry organisation.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 01 Sep 2000
Product format: Hard Copy, Digital Copy
Number of pages: 174

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Our popular Introduction series provides you with everything you need to know about the printing industry.

Each of these books is written in approachable, jargon free language to explain a particular process: what it is, how it works, practical applications, costs, products available, strengths and weaknesses. Written by industry experts the Introduction series provides a thorough, accessible and up-to-date reference kit.



  • Latest update on existing technologies
  • An ideal training tool
  • Starting point for research into new technologies
  • Introductions for newcomers to the industry
  • Course material for print colleges

This thoroughly revised edition offers a detailed and accessible examination of the dynamics of prepress, providing you with a thorough grounding in each vital component. Completely updated to include the latest digital workflow technologies, it will guide you through the context of prepress within the industry at large, related hardware, software and techniques, the internet and the future of prepress.

A full glossary, index and bibliography detailing texts for further reading are provided.

Introduction to Prepress stands as both a general reference book for the industry, and as a technical handbook for students. Providing an overview of all aspects of the industry, this is the essential guide to prepress.


  • Structure and organisation of the printing industry
  • Typography
  • Handling of text/images
  • Makeup, planning, assembly
  • Proofing, print specifications, standardisation
  • Computer-to-print and beyond