Digital and Inkjet Papers

eBook examining paper characteristics in the context of digital printing developments, including the latest technologies for a number of expanding paper applications.

Product detail
Product type: Books
Date of publication: 17 Dec 2010
Product format: Online
Number of pages: 74

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Digital printing is a fast-growing technology. The technical requirements of the papers are changing rapidly. This e-book examines paper characteristics, the competitive landscape and the latest technologies for a number of expanding paper applications, including advertising, direct mail, transactional and transpromo, labels, cartons and point of purchase (PoP)/signage.

Digital and Inkjet Papers also provides five-year forecasts, providing an outlook to 2015 so you can really understand the developments affecting your industry.


Executive Summary

Paper Characteristics

  • Factors affecting performance
  • Laser printers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Uncoated papers
  • Factors affecting runnability
  • Factors affecting customer acceptance
  • Specialist papers
  • ColorLok

The Competitive Landscape

  • Brands
  • OEM brands
  • Paper manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Coating manufacturers


  • Domestic use/office paper
  • Photographic prints/photobooks
  • Direct mail/transactional printing
  • Labels
  • Posters/banners
  • Newspapers
  • Book publishing
  • Prepress


  • Deinking
    • The technical basis of deinking
    • Problems with digital inks
    • Possible solutions
  • Carbon neutral paper
  • Sustainable timber
    • FSC
    • PEFC
    • Sustainable Forestry Initiative
    • FLEGT
  • Green printing
  • Other environmental labels
    • EMAS
    • Nordic environmental label (the Swan)
    • The Blue Angel
    • NAPM recycled mark

Outlook to 2015

  • The wider economic background
  • Digital paper
  • The paperless office
  • Newspapers
  • Direct mail/transactional printing
  • Labels
  • Posters
  • Books
  • Distribution
    • Mills
    • Brands
    • Paper merchants
  • Deinking
  • Green printing

Tables and Figures

  • Recommended grades of paper for specific digital presses
  • Type of paper used in digital printing
  • Importance of paper quality in decision where to place print job
  • Worldwide sales of paper for digital printing (%)
  • Finishing textures and their production methods
  • Polyethylene coated paper core with an ink-receiving layer
  • Matt coated paper
  • Print process on nanoporous substrate
  • Print process on porous substrate
  • Distribution chain for paper
  • Branding takes place at different levels in the supply chain
  • Domtar's paper products offerings in 2007
  • Top-10 UK paper merchants by turnover 2008/9
  • Digital printing revenue by printed product, worldwide, 2008-18 (Ä million, retail)
  • Office paper brands: differing quality levels and specialist papers within each range
  • Adhesives in laser printing
  • Three-loop combination system
  • Electron microscope image of toner particle detachment for conventional chemical deinking
  • Electron microscope image of toner particle detachment for enzyme deinking
  • Global page impressions for laser and inkjet to 2017 (billions of A4 pages)
  • Share of global newspaper printing market for laser and inkjet to 2017 (% value)
  • Share of global book printing market for laser and inkjet to 2017 (% value)