Covert Tagging

eBook focusing specifically on covert technologies within an overall authentication system.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 30 Nov 2010
Product format: Online
Number of pages: 55

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Covert Tagging can play an important role within wider authentication systems. The factors in developing an authentication strategy, the benefit of the relationships with the other technologies and technology categories, and methodologies for choosing among alternative solutions are explored.

This publication includes a section on the types and benefits of various covert technologies and short introductions to some of the currently available technologies. The e-book concludes with a section related to future trends that can be expected to accompany the growing public awareness and the likely technological and legislative impact on future anti-counterfeit systems that could follow, so you can plan future strategy with confidence.


Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

  • Report scope
  • Report objective
  • Methodology
  • Definitions

Covert technologies in authentication strategies

  • Covert technologies in authentication strategies
  • Define the system goals and budgets
  • Define the system users
  • Define authentication tools and procedures
  • The technology
  • Application and delivery decisions
  • Authentication training
  • Enforcement and communication strategy
  • Other considerations

Covert technology assessment

  • Assessing technology attributes for a successful
  • authentication strategy
  • Authentication tools and procedures
  • Technology security strength
  • Application and delivery process
  • Future considerations and standards

Covert authentication technology applications

  • Print process applications
    • Hidden symbols/Micro print/Laser engraving
    • Anti-copy features
    • Digital watermarks
  • Taggants and markers
    • UV phosphors
    • IR up-converting phosphors
    • Chemical/Biological signature technologies
    • Optical taggants
    • DNA taggants
  • Non-manufactured identification technologies (fingerprinting)
  • Substrate and converted solution applications
    • Invisible fluorescent fibres
    • Watermarks

Future trends

  • Brand protection
  • Identity documents
  • Financial documents
  • Conclusion

Tables and Figures

  • Levels of security
  • Authentication strategies
  • Developments in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Evaluation of authentication features
  • Supplier assessment worksheet
  • Print process technology suppliers
  • Anti-counterfeiting issues
  • Developments in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Authentication tools and procedures