Conductive Inks

eBook setting out technology breakthroughs in conductive inks, where the world of print and electronics meet, offering a wealth of possibilities.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 30 Nov 2010
Product format: Online
Number of pages: 75

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As the worlds of print and electronics merge and overlap, suppliers are exploring a range of possibilities with the development of high-value conductive inks. As this emerging printed electronics technology begins to move forward, there are serious market drivers that require new materials and processes to meet demands for high volume, low cost methods of printing electrodes, as well as the ability to print on a variety of low cost, flexible and often proprietary substrates; there is also a complementary need for highly conductive and transparent coatings.

This e-book sets out the latest technology breakthroughs and innovations, and forecasts trends to 2015.


Introduction and methodology

  • Objective and scope
  • Methodology
  • List of definitions

Conductive inks: the competitive landscape

  • Suppliers of metallic ink products
  • Carbon-based ink suppliers
  • Suppliers of conductive polymer products
  • Silicon ink suppliers

Technology forecasts

  • Copper inks
  • Semi-conductive inks
  • Carbon-based inks
  • Graphene inks
  • Conductive polymers
  • Silicon inks
  • Photonic curing systems
  • Pulsed laser annealing of power devices
  • Aerosol jet deposition system
  • Testing instruments

Manufacturing conductive inks

  • Nanoparticle metallics
  • Nanoparticle copper
    • Solid phase manufacturing
    • Plasma production system
  • Conductive polymers
  • Silicon inks
    • Nano particle manufacturing
    • Layering silicon with nanoparticle powder
    • Radiofrequency plasma
  • Carbon-based inks
  • Graphene inks
  • Printing processes
    • Offset lithography
    • Inkjet printing
    • Screen printing
    • Flexo printing
    • Gravure printing


  • Photovoltaics
    • Photovoltaics 101
    • Organic photovoltaics
    • Silicon-based inks
    • Silicon deposition
    • Conductive films
  • Displays
    • Bistable displays
    • Display touch screens
    • Flat-panel displays
    • Novel display technologies
    • Lighting
    • Silver opportunities
  • Memory
  • Printed batteries
  • RFID
  • Next-generation PCBs/switches
  • Sensors
  • EMI shielding

Outlook to 2015

  • Silver's advantages
  • Other ink improvements
  • Conductive polymers
  • Environmental considerations
  • Industry standards and partnerships

Tables and Figures

  • Suppliers of metallic conductive inks
  • Suppliers of conductive polymers
  • Suppliers of carbon-based inks
  • Suppliers of silicon-based inks
  • Comparison of printing processes for printed electronics
  • Metallic ink manufacturers
  • Carbon-based ink suppliers
  • Suppliers of conductive polymer products
  • Suppliers of silicon-based ink products
  • Copper nanoparticle inks currently available
  • Carbon-nanotube inks currently available
  • Comparison of surface resistivity (ohm/sq)
  • Conductive polymer inks currently available
  • Comparison of conductivity of conductive polymers with other materials
  • Silicon inks currently available
  • Comparison of aerosol jet printing versus thick- film screen printing and inkjet printing
  • Graphic arts inks compared to conductive inks
  • Comparison of silicon ink manufacture methods
  • Guidelines for CNTNT dispersion
  • Comparison of resistivity of various conductive materials
  • Comparison of printing processes for printed electronics
  • Companies involved in electronic ink technology
  • Leading printed battery manufacturers
  • Current materials versus future materials for PEPE applications
  • Summary of the outlook for conductive and semi-conductive inks, 2010-15
  • Technology map showing available conductive/semi-conductive inks
  • Graphic representation of the structure of carbon nanotubes
  • Close up photo of carbon nanotubes
  • Xenon pulse lamp
  • Aerosol spray jet technology versus inkjet technology
  • Diagram of Optomec aerosol spray deposition system
  • Crumpled graphene: this atomic-force microscope image is coloured to show the topography of a piece of graphene of the type used in Vor-ink
  • Plexcore PV for printed solar power
  • DuPont Solamet metallisation paste is designed to increase solar cell efficiency and electrical output
  • Transparent conductive foil by PolyIC: suitable for applications such as touch sensors, displays, electric heating elements or for ESD/EMEM C protection
  • Roll-to-roll printed re-writable memories on flexible substrate from thin-film electronics
  • DuPont Microcircuit Materials introduces new conductive inks for printed circuit boards
  • The printing of medical electrodes is a large potential market for conductive inks