Analogue vs Digital Printing

eBook clarifying, quantifying and qualifying the current and future state of analogue and digital printing technologies and their respective places in the market.

Product detail
Product type: Books
Date of publication: 30 Nov 2010
Product format: Digital Copy
Number of pages: 83

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This e-book looks at whether or not there is indeed a 'transition' taking place from analogue to digital printing, and the extent to which it can be quantified.

Each printing technology is examined in the context of a series of factors that are either driving or impeding any transition from analogue to digital, such as run length, colour, substrate, turnaround, the potential for personalisation and customisation, and more. Run length is discussed, as well as trends in finishing; and the role of the buyer. Five-year industry forecasts are provided.


Introduction and methodology

  • Patterns and displacement
  • Objective
  • Flat out
  • Methodology
  • Report structure

Analogue vs digital: the battleground

  • Print processes
  • Analogue
    • Offset
    • Non-offset analogue processes
  • Digital printing
  • Electrophotography
  • Inkjet
  • Inkjet vs electrophotography
  • Print volume by process
  • Factors affecting choice of print process
    • Quantity
    • Printing medium
    • Colour
    • Turnaround
    • Proofing
    • Customisation
    • Cost
  • Going forward

Run-length trends

  • Specific product trends
  • Manuals
  • Directories
  • Magazines and catalogues
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Posters, banners and temporary POS materials
  • Direct mail and transactional
  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Business forms/ID
  • Looking forward

End-user requirements

  • The demand for print
  • Old, new and newer media
  • Targeted printing
  • Measurement
  • Acceptability of alternatives to analogue
  • Proofing
  • Personalisation/customisation
  • Cross-media/multichannel marketing
  • General end-user considerations


  • Post-postpress
  • Outlook for finishing

Technology forecasts and general conclusions

  • Outlook for the next five years
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Catalogues
    • Books
    • Direct mail/transactional
    • Packaging
    • Labels
  • Looking forward

Tables and Figures

  • Disrupting the future: 2005 vs 2010
  • Types of offset presses
  • Types of non-offset analogue presses
  • Types of electrophotographic digital presses
  • Types of inkjet digital presses
  • Inkjet printing vs electrophotographic
  • Cost per response, inkjet vs toner
  • Proportion of print printed digitally, 2008
  • Printed products by process, volume, worldwide
  • Growth areas by process, as a percent of revenue, 2009 vs 2008
  • Media usage and trends, by volume
  • All firms with digital printing, worldwide
  • Colour printing volumes
  • Analogue vs digital printing vis-à-vis quantity, substrate, colour, turnaround, proofing, customisation, cost
  • VDP usage, based on pages
  • Complexity of all VDP direct marketing, by units, worldwide
  • Hybrid printing, based on page impressions
  • Perceptions of what short-run colour is, 1991
  • Perceptions of what short-run colour is, 1997
  • Run length trends based on print and copier volumes, worldwide
  • Runs on offset and presses, worldwide, 2007
  • Runs on digital printers, worldwide, 2007
  • Global print market run length distribution, by area printed
  • Average run length distribution of manuals
  • Average run length distribution of directories
  • Change in magazine circulation, population growth, and magazine titles
  • Indexed publishers information bureau magazine ad pages, 1999-2010
  • American business media change in B2B ad pages compared to prior year, 2004-09
  • Magazine average run length for magazines
  • Run length distribution for catalogues
  • Annual US book sales, 2007-09
  • Run length distribution for books
  • Total paid newspaper circulation, 1940-2008 ('000)
  • Run length distribution for newspapers
  • Posters, banners and temporary POS material run length distribution
  • Direct mail and transactional run length distribution
  • Transactional document trends
  • Packaging run length distribution
  • Label run length distribution
  • Business forms/ID run length distribution
  • Ad spending by medium, 2009 vs 2008
  • Digital printing quality perceptions
  • Historical planned investment in binding and finishing equipment by traditional vs digital press, all commercial printers, 1997-2007
  • Where do you expect to derive revenue in digital printing?
  • % composition of sales, typical printer -- now and in five years
  • Commercial printing revenue streams, 2000-20, worldwide
  • Magazine, catalogue, newspaper, book, direct mail/transactional, packaging, label transition potential