Multi Client Report Future of Liquid Paperboard Packaging


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Product detail
Product type: Market report
Date of publication: 30 Nov 2012
Product format: Digital Copy, Hard Copy
Number of pages: 250
Forecast range: 2012-2017

The board is built up of layers and is typically white on the external (printable) side while it may be brown (unbleached pulp) or white (bleached pulp) on the internal surface. The board is coated with thin layers of plastic and, for aseptic packaging, an additional barrier layer of aluminium foil may also be included.


Definitions vary worldwide on types of board used in other applications, but in the case of cups and other liquid-tight packaging these can be regarded as FCS (food and cup stock) grades. Pressed paperboard is used for paper plates and certain other products.

While liquid cartons lost share to rigid plastic for packaged milk in many mature markets, they remain popular for juices and soups/sauces and they continue to enjoy strong sales in emerging packaging markets. In the case of foodservice disposables and foodservice packaging, there continue to be strong opportunities for growth for board suppliers and converters throughout the world, despite incursions from plastics in some markets, as food sales through HoReCa (hotels, restaurants & catering) outlets continue to grow.

This is an important sector for many suppliers, which is why Smithers Pira has decided to publish the definitive market study on liquid paperboard packaging and other non-folding sanitary food containers. This study is designed to examine trends and opportunities for board manufacturers and converters across a range of non-folding sanitary food container markets. These include on the one hand liquid cartons, mainly used in the packaging of dairy and juices, and on the other hand various products with applications mainly in the foodservice market but also in consumer packaging and (in the case of disposables) consumer markets.

The study will quantify current and future demand for non-folding sanitary food containers including liquid packaging boards by grade, process, end-use sector and region/country. In addition, it will explore the opportunities for value-adding, including coatings and graphics; identify fast-growing markets for liquid packaging boards and paperboard-based foodservice packaging, including in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe; and understand application trends and end-user requirements over the next five years.


A detailed ≈150 page market report in hard copy assessing opportunities and trends in liquid paperboard packaging and other non-folding sanitary food container markets
An electronic version of the report with global intranet licence allowing corporate access for the cost of one copy
Over 50 primary tables from a new market research survey ensuring that you have an unrivalled level of detail and the most up to date picture of the market available today
Electronic database in Excel containing all the data from the study
An independent and authoritative research report which provides you with an unbiased and accurate picture of the market guaranteeing you a vital business advantage over your competitors.

For more information on this multi-client study please contact:

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Head of Sales
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