Food Contact Training, North America (November) 2016

1st - 2nd November 2016

Cuyahoga Community College Hospitality Management, CENTER

Food Contact Training, North America
November 1 – 2, 2016
Cuyahoga Community College, Hospitality Management Center
180 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114

Early Bird $999
Expires September 30th

Standard Pricing: $1,099
After September 30th



Following the resounding success of the June 2016 Global Food Contact conference, Smithers Pira has confirmed its inaugural North American food contact training course taking place in Cleveland, Ohio, in November, 2016. 

This training will provide you with the knowledge and tools to meet your regulatory obligations today and plan for the regulatory landscape of tomorrow. Receive guidance and training from industry experts:

  • Learn about food contact regulations in North America
  • Find out how to comply with food contact legislation
  • Understand the regulations for a variety of different materials
  • Learn about what to expect in the future and how to stay compliant

Smithers Pira's specialized course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of all the key food contact regulatory areas for those working in chemicals, plastics, materials and packaging companies.

You'll get a detailed guide to the relevant legislation in your market, what you can expect in the future and how to prepare for it now. This, plus the opportunity to tailor course contents specifically to your requirements, ensures you'll get the knowledge you need to succeed as a business and as an individual.

Smithers Pira's experts can help your organization:

  • Comply with food contact legislation in all the jurisdictions where it exists, namely in North America and in the EU, individual European counties, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, South East Asia, India and Israel
  • Notify new food contact substances to enable their legal use in the United States and in Europe
  • Produce and use recycled materials for food contact applications
  • Identify the identity and source of the chemicals responsible for packaging taints and odors to enable you to eliminate them

About the Course:

The course has been specifically designed by Alistair Irvine, Business Manager for Food Contact Compliance and Eric Greenberg, who concentrates his practice in food and drug law, packaging law, and commercial litigation. His food and drug work has included regulatory counseling, new product development, negotiation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on numerous levels, handling recalls, and defending enforcement actions.

Alistair and Eric’s combined experience not only gives you the benefit of several decades of experience but also a balance of North American and European perspectives and combines Eric’s legal expertise with Alistair’s Analytical chemistry achieving a broad and comprehensive training course.

Here’s what you will learn through attending Smithers Pira’s Food Contact Training course:

The legislation on food contact materials  in North America is not only evolving but is also being impacted by the legislation on chemicals, biocides and nanomaterials and keeping on top of developments is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. The overall objective of the two day training course is to help participants understand what has changed, what is going to change and, through the use of a number of well-chosen examples,  provide some practical advice on how to ensure the compliance of their food contact packaging materials in the United States of America and in the European Union.  


Alistair Irvine, Food Compliance, Smithers Pira

Alistair manages the Food Packaging Safety Section within Smithers Pira. This involves advising clients on the safety legislation which applies to food packaging in a wide range of different countries throughout the world and coordinating work programmes to ensure that clients' products meet these requirements. His expertise spans all the EU countries, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Russia and all the South American countries.

Alistair graduated with a degree and PhD in Chemistry from Birmingham University. After working for BP and the Department of Health, he joined Pira in 1994, taking up his current position in 1995.

 Eric Greenberg, Principal Attorney, Eric F. Greenberg P.C.

 Eric F. Greenberg is Principal Attorney of the law firm Eric F. Greenberg, P. C., with a practice concentrated in food and drug law, packaging law, and commercial litigation.

His food and drug work has included regulatory counseling, label and claims review, new product development, GRAS and food contact materials evaluations and clearances, negotiations with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state agencies, handling recalls, and defending enforcement actions.   

He and his firm counsel a wide range of consumer product companies, packaging manufacturers and others on regulatory and labeling requirements, and handle related contractual and litigation matters. Eric has served as General Counsel of the Contract Packaging Association for over 15 years.

In addition to his law practice, Eric is a member of the Adjunct Faculty of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he teaches Food and Drug Law and Administrative Law, and Michigan State University School of Packaging, where he teaches Packaging Law and Regulation.  

He serves as monthly legal columnist for Packaging World Magazine. Eric wrote the book, Guide to Packaging Law, the Second Edition of which was published in October 2007.  His firm is based in Chicago and represents clients based all over the world.


Day 1 Tuesday 1 November 2016

08.00     Coffee and Registration

Introduction to Food Contact


09.00     Why do we regulate food contact and overview of the pathways to clearance

09.30     Introduction to EU and US legislation: similarities and differences

10.00     EU Regulatory  Framework and GMP

10.30     US Regulatory Framework – Introduction to Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, food additives

11.00     Refreshments and Networking break

11.30     EU Regulation 10/2011 the Plastics in Contact with Foods Legislation

12.00     The role of the US’s CFR – a big part of the story but not the whole story

12.30     Lunch

Considerations for Food Contact Approval

1.30       Other EU materials; Paper/Coatings and the relationship with national Regulations

2.00       FCN’s in the US: Why do they get all the attention?

2.30       Approval routes for plastics in Europe

3.00       Refreshments and Networking break

3.30       GRAS and other FDA exemptions/pathways

4.00       Understanding NIAS and their role in EU food contact

4.30       Food Contact in the rest of the world (Asia, Latin America and other notable regions

5.30       Drinks reception


Day 2 – Wednesday 2nd November 2016

08.00     Morning refreshments

Supply Chain Considerations for Food Contact

09.00     The role of supply chain communication in compliance

09.30     EU considerations for supply chain compliance (testing programmes and GMP)

10.00     US considerations for supply chain compliance in light of FSMA and its FSVP

10.30     Refreshment break

11.00     Fundamentals of product stewardship

11.30     Q&A on overcoming supply chain challenges

12.00     Lunch

Future outlook for food contact regulations

1.00       Current EU projects under consideration and future regulatory landscape

1.30       Current FDA plans and future regulatory landscape

2.00       What we can expect from other regions

2.30       Wrap Up – Preparing yourself for current and future food contact regulations

3.00       Refreshments and close

Venue & Info


Located across the street from the food contact training course is the historic Victorian-era Arcade shopping center and Hyatt Hotel. We have secured a number of rooms at a discounted conference rate at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Cleveland hotel located at 420 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114. All delegates are required to make their own travel arrangements and hotel reservations. Book your hotel room by following this link, or if calling the hotel reference the “Smithers Food Contact Training” course.

Book Your Room!  

Hyatt Regency Downtown Cleveland hotel

+1 (216) 575 1234

Please contact Alyssa Perna for more information.